Limnophilia Sessiliflora / Ambulia


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Limnophila sessiliflora is an undemanding plant from southeast Asia that is often sold as “Asian Marshweed” or Ambulia. In its natural habitat, it would be found along the shores of stagnant or flowing bodies of water. L. sessiliflora is the most common and readily available of the Limnophilas and is available through most of the major aquatic nurseries.

Limnophila sessiliflora is a hardy and adaptable plant, capable of withstanding a wide range of conditions (pH 5.5-8 and temps of 22-28C). Resembeling Cabomba, but with lower lighting demands, L. sessiliflora is a suitable and less demanding addition to many aquariums. Lower lighting (around 2 watts per gallon) and CO2 addition will produce more attractive and compact growth. Its main nutritional needs are good amounts of traces, especially iron supplementation, to keep this plant in good health. Higher lighting and lots of micronutrient supplementation cause this plant to develop reddish hues on the top.

The pruning of L. sessiliflora is similar to many other stem plants. Topping and replanting is the best method. Letting it reach the surface allows it to produce many side shoots where it will readily produce emergent growth. This plant grows like the weed it is, however, so frequent pruning will be necessary (especially in high light aquariums). The development of flowers is rare, but the single blue, violet, pink or lavender flowers are produced on the emergent part of the stem.

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